College: What I’ve Learned in the First Few Weeks

Dear incoming freshman,

As a new freshman in week three of classes at Quincy University I have already learned so many things. And not things just in the classroom. Here is my list of things to bring, not bring, do, not do, and just some general stuff. Keep in mind that all colleges are different and some of these things should be asked about before hand.

  1. Bring a broom and dust pan. I cannot stress this one enough. This is one of those things that should be asked about before hand though. Some dorms have carpet so a small vacuum would be needed. Girls: Your hair will be everywhere and you’ll get sick of it sticking to your feet when you walk around. Guys: Your girl’s hair will be everywhere. It’s also nice to be able to sweep up all of the things that you try and shoot into the trashcan.
  2. Bring a lap stand. A lap stand was the best thing I could think of to call it. But, something that you can lay in bed and put your laptop, notes, book, food, and whatever else on. Mine that I use is a wooden stand that is adjustable weather it is flat or upright and has compartments on the side to put stuff in. Just one of those flat things with the bean-bag-type-stuff on the bottom of them would suffice.
  3. Buy a planner. I’ve hatted planers my whole life. I thought they were the devil in high school when we were required to use one. Now that I’m in college I LOVE mine. Also, get a good set of highlighters with an array of colors. I color coated everything. My English is blue, Psychology is purple, Logic is green and so on and so forth. It lets me just look at my page and take inventory of what classes have something due soon. I also have stuff like sports schedules and personal stuff color coated too.
  4. Use your planner. Use that damn thing for everything. Class times, assignments, meetings, personal dinners and such, even sports games you want to watch on TV. I have the whole Dallas Cowboy’s schedule written in my planner so I know when the games will be on to watch. And don’t just go, “I’ll just use the calendar on my phone,” it won’t work as well as you plan it to. Maybe put big things in there, like exams and such, but the little stuff will get hard to manage.
  5. The laundry room is your best friend. Seriously people. No one is ever down there. Ever. I just don’t trust people enough to leave my laundry alone anyway. But it’s perfect down there. I don’t know about you college, but mine has laundry rooms in the basements of the buildings. In those laundry rooms there’s three washers and three dryers per side (we’re a small school), each side has a table with chairs, and a plug in or two. I do homework down there all the time. I plug in my laptop, turn on some music, and get to work.
  6. Do your laundry. Again. Seriously. But I know it can be hard to find a time when there’s a washer open. My advise: Do it in the morning. I know most people have morning classes, I do too. Every day I either have a class at 9:05 or 9:30. If you can wake up before then, like 6:00 or so, then more power to ya. Also, do it in the middle of the week. On Mondays and Wednesdays I have a huge gap in my classes. I have roughly a three hour gap between my first and second class, which I think is wonderful, so I have plenty of time in the morning to do my laundry. Usually if I go straight down there I’m the first one in there.
  7. Take your stuff out of the washer or dryer on time. People will take your stuff out and throw it on the ground without a second thought. Set an alarm on your phone. At my school we take a dry erase marker down with us and write our name and number on top of the washer or dryer that our clothes are in so if we’re not there when it gets done there is a way to contact us so we can get it out. You can do the same thing with a sticky note. No matter what it is, find a way to make yourself get your clothes out.
  8. Get an app for your schedule. This is also insanely helpful. One called ‘My Study Life’ (Android) it is a well put together app. You put in your schedule and it will remind you fifteen minutes before each class and also very beautifully put it into a calendar for you. You can keep tasks for each class with due dates as well as exams. It is honestly a very well put together app.
  9. Make friends with your roommate. You don’t want to be living with someone that you don’t speak to. That’s just no fun. If you’re the one with the car then offer to take them places when you go somewhere. Go eat with them. Talk to them about life. Learn to live with them. You have to share a room with them for the next sixteen weeks.

College is tough people. Life is even tougher. But in today’s society you’ve got to go to college to make a living in this cruel world. Might as well try and make it a little easier.


Marriage : Stick to Your Partner

The world has become a pretty fucked up place. So much so that I would rather raise my future children on Mars for God’s sake. Let me tell a little story. Well two actually. And these are two stories that I personally know the people involved. One of which I so foolishly dated (the latter of the two).

My Manager at Work.

I work at a fast food restaurant. As in most fast food places, relationships between managers and entry level employees is frowned upon. Here’s some back story. My manager is married and has two kids. Him and his wife have had it rough for a while now and things have gotten bad. He now has a girlfriend. This girlfriend is also in a bad marriage. She knows about his wife and know that he want to leave his wife as she wants to leave her husband. PLOT TWIST. He now has another girlfriend. An entry level employee at the business in which he works. Girlfriend one has no idea about girlfriend two. Girlfriend two know about wife and girlfriend one. He is now saying that he and girlfriend one are “just friends” (which no one believes). Pretty fucked up situation if I do say so my self. On to the next story.

My Ex-Boyfriend

Yes, you can probably guess by the title of this that I am an idiot. And I am. His backstory: He has one ex-wife and a beautiful little boy. He has since remarried and his current wife is now pregnant. I, for some stupid fucking reason, dated him. In my defense, at the time that we were together him and his wife were separated and the only contact that he had with her was about either his stuff that was still there or about their unborn child. Reasonable. Since his and my split he as acquired another girlfriend. And gotten back together with his wife. He and his wife talk on a daily basis and post things on facebook together. Girlfriend knows about the wife. Wife does not know about girlfriend. He is currently living with his girlfriend while still telling his wife how much he loves her (oh I’m sure he loves her so much).

It’s a pretty fucked up world out there now days. I hate thinking out how I’m going to have to try to raise children in the kind of society. I can only hope to God that I can do a better job of raising my future hellions.


The story of my life in another’s beautiful words.

Kait Gets Lit

We are small town. Small town. We are 509 branded. This isn’t our first time at the rodeo. We’ve actually been to a rodeo. State fair. Church camp. Backyard barbecue slip n’ slide bonfire inner tubing star-gazing. Our lives are mapped by rivers and mountain ranges. Our futures are shaped by agriculture, where our parents worked, GEDs.

We drive in pick-up trucks. There used to be a drive-in theater, and people filled it on Friday nights to watch double features. We hang out in the Jack-in-the-Box parking lot and cruise Nob Hill. We’ve run through the orchards at night, laughing. We sneak into the public pool late at night to swim the empty waters. We skinny dip in lakes. We’ve gone ice blocking drunk. We get drunk in parking lots. We wander through Walmart in the middle of the night because there’s nothing else to do. There are two…

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Friends: Those Awkward Moments

Ya know what’s awkward? When you’re with your watching movies. With your best friend. And her boy friend… That’s not even really my problem here. I’m quite used to that. But my problem here is that she’s sitting in a recliner and he’s sittin on the couch with me. Granted, we are on opposite sides of the couch. But, it’s still weird. And, tired top it all off, it’s actually not his fault. Not at all. He has asked her to sit with him. Not once but three times. And she is the one who keeps declining. These are very strange circumstances for me. Especially when your best friend is dating a new guy every other week. I’m not a fan of this. Not at all. Well, on the bright side, at least it’s not a chick flick movie.


Summer: When You Have Nothing To Do

Where I’m from, we sit at this place called “the courts” or “the pool.” Named so because it’s the city pool parking lot and there’s a basketball court. This is our hang out year round. But, when it’s summer time and really hot, we like air conditioning. So the “cool kids” of us *wink wink* go to a better spot. McDonalds. It has AC; cold, refillable, sweet tea; ice; plug inns; wifi; and food. It’s basically the perfect hang out. And, yes, we’re the “cool kids.” 😉


Relationships: The Good and The Bad

I’m a teenage girl and a very emotional person so relationships, to me, always have their ups and their downs. They have their good and their bad. And every relationship has downs and has bads. But good relationships make out through those things. A relationship will always be worth it when the good out ways the bad. Especially when the good out ways the bad substantially. Relationships require work. Work from both sides. No one ever said that love would be easy.

Feelings: They’re Physical Too

You might think that feelings are just an emotional thing, but that’s wrong. Have you ever been so stressed out that you start shedding hair and turning pale? Have you ever been so upset that your whole body aches? Or so excited or nervous that you get sick to your stomach? Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. Feelings aren’t just about your psyche. They affect people physically too. How you feel physically and how you feel mentally are so closely related that I don’t know why we even separate then into two different things.


Dreams and Reality: The Difference

There is no difference between dreams and reality. They are brothers, they are sisters, they are family in every way, and they are one. You better dwell on your dreams because they ate the truth of your reality. Listen to them. Be afraid of them. But don’t let the consume you. You have to concur them and it may take everything you have and more, and you may not be able to do it alone. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Don’t be afraid of anything. Don’t let your fears define who you are. You choose your own destiny.


Scary Movies: Gotta Love ‘Em, But Gotta Hate ‘Em

That moment when you’re watchin a scary movie with your two best friends, and you’re all cuddling, an you have to find people in your phone to text so you freak out less. Like, when I watch scary movies I don’t get scared. Shit like this doesn’t freak me out. It doesn’t get to me. But Dark Skies is seriously scarring the shit out of me. This movie is fucked up beyond belief. And we have two more movies to go.. Gonna be a long Up-All-Night kinda night. These are the nights that amazing memories are made.